5.75 Ounce Reel for Under $100 — Pinnacle Producer LTE

Producer LTE

Pinnacle Producer LTE reel

Perhaps even more impressive than the top-of-the-line Primmus Xi is the new Producer LTE that sells for $99.99.

Get this…  It’s a 5.75-ounce….. Yes, you read that right… That’s a FIVE-POINT-SEVEN-FIVE-OUNCE baitcasting reel for UNDER $100.  Surely, they must have gutted the reel of desired features though, right?  Not so.  I’m told it is built with plenty of Duralumin and carbon fiber, along with a rigid X-Bone frame, 8+1 double shielded ball bearings, and a powerful drag, among other features.

At $99.99, it ought to fly off the shelves.  Even the budget-conscious angler can now reap the benefits of a super-lightweight reel.  This kind of weight, or lack thereof, is unheard of at this price point!  If it’s anything like the other Pinnacle gear FishStrong has tested, it should perform beyond expectations.

Fish Strong!

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