Confidence and Trusting Your Gear

The word “FishStrong” is all about fishing with confidence.  It evokes a sense of fishing with the kind of assurance that’s only possible when you are properly equipped to do battle.

Trusting your gear is a huge part of the confidence equation. Not having confidence in your gear leaves that haunting question mark in the back of your mind, that tiny speck of doubt that causes you to second guess yourself at the most inopportune moments.  Sure, using pitiful, mismatched gear is cool if your one of those guys who believes that fishing is all luck, but if you’re a competitor who is looking to make his own luck, you best not sacrifice here.

Ready to go punch some mats?? Good luck.

Have you ever hooked a bass in some gnarly water and wondered if your rod was up to the task of hauling the fish out?  Have you, in that split second before slamming it back, ever doubted the quality or condition of your line?

Making sure you have the right rod, reel, line, and hooks gives you confidence.  In addition to each piece being of high quality, these ingredients must be in balance with the others.  Using a light wire hook with 65lb test braid is just as problematic as using 8lb test on a flipping stick.  Most all rods have line ratings.  It’s wise to consider this and use them as a guide.  Even still, not everything is spelled out in such an obvious manner.  You’ll have to use your experience, feel, and sound judgement to figure out some of the rest.  In time, you’ll discover what works for you.

When all pieces of the puzzle are in appropriate balance with each other, you’ll have the confidence to set the hook without fear of breaking off… the confidence to pitch into the thick ol’ nasty… the confidence that your hook won’t straighten as you muscle the bass through the hazards… the confidence that your drag is smooth enough to successfully fight the fish when it decides to make that one last run, etc…

High quality gear may sometimes cost more, but it’s worth it if you can get the peace of mind and confidence required to “FishStrong”!


About Hale White

Hale White, tournament angler and fitness enthusiast, is originally from the bass capital of Florida, holds a Masters degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and has an insatiable appetite for bass fishing.
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