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When it comes to protecting my eyes, I’m hard to please. I’m not the type of guy who can be satisfied with just any old sunglasses. I need more than just a pair of squint reducers.

I demand comfort, light weight, perfect fit, stylish frame, durability, a reasonable price, and high quality polarized lenses that don’t fog up every second.

I’ve owned a lot of polarized sunglasses in my day — mainly due to my affinity for losing them at least once a year. Despite all the various brands and models I’ve tried, none of them have lived up to all my standards. That’s pretty much changed now that I’m wearing the Chisel by Numa Optics.  God forbid I ever lose these! These not only meet my standards, but excel in many of them!

Yes, there's even a color for the ladies.

So, what makes them so great?


All Numa Optics eyewear utilize Swiss Flex-Frame technology. This stuff is the real deal! It’s similar to what you’d find in ski boot buckles and gun mounting hardware and accessories. This technology allows for maximum flexibility, strength and shape retainment. I’ve never owned sunglasses that could take this kind of beating and bounce back for more! If you don’t lose them, these will last you forever!



Numa Optics has two versions of their Flex-Frame technology… Tough-Flex™ and Lite-Flex™. The Chisel utilizes the latter, which makes them incredibly lightweight. These babies weigh in at a barely non-existent 21 grams or 0.71 ounces. I tried weighing them on a digital food scale and they didn’t even register! Believe me, their helium-like weight greatly contributes to their next quality —  comfort.


You can have the best lens in the world, but if they’re a pain to wear, you’ll want to take them off. The Chisels are the most comfortable pair of shades that have ever donned my bass fishing head! I love the wrap around design not only for looks, but for how well it blocks out peripheral light. They don’t have any pressure points, they aren’t nose heavy, and they don’t have that “ear tug” like so many others. They also feature no-slip rubber nose-pads that keep me from having to readjust the frames every 5 minutes.  I like the secure feel and the positive grip they give me. I just can’t say enough about their comfort! Nothing beats it.

Quality Lenses

Further adding to their value is the fact that the Chisel comes with three sets of interchangeable lenses — polarized smoke, a high contrast “mandarose” color, and a clear lens.  It’s nice to have a few options, but I mostly find myself using the smoke colored lenses since they are polarized. I’m really impressed with the optical clarity and how well the smoke lenses reduce glare and eye fatigue. The clear lenses would be great after sundown to keep bugs out of your eyes while riding in the boat. The high mandarose color is also a good option for lower light conditions.

Numa Optics will soon be adding amber and rose lenses to their polarized lineup.  I’ll definitely want some of these. The great thing about Numa Optics is that you can just buy the lens and pop them in and out. No problem. You can buy a whole set of replacement lenses for only $25.

All lenses feature an anti-scratch NumaPlate coating and a hydrophobic coating that repels water. Very cool!

As far as fogging goes… what fogging? I’ve yet to have it happen. That’s good news because nothing bothers me more than that.

The Chisel with cleaning cloth, case and interchangeable lenses


All Numa Optics are competitively priced from about $80-120.  The Chisels go for $119.99. You just can’t beat this price for what they offer.


Numa Optics offers unbeatable value and killer designs. I really like that they’re made with active people in mind… not just fisherman, but tactical shooters, military, cyclists, runners, etc… They pack a lot of technology into a relatively small price. If you’re in the market for a new pair of polarized sunglasses, FishStrong highly recommends that you look into Numa Optics.

As a side note, recent FLW Cup champion and sight fishing expert Scott Martin seems to like his Numas well enough. Did I mention how tough these things were? Click the link below…


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Hale White, tournament angler and fitness enthusiast, is originally from the bass capital of Florida, holds a Masters degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and has an insatiable appetite for bass fishing.
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