Cadillac Tackle | Jackall Iobee – Part 1

If you buy a Jackall Iobee, you’ll find these words written on the package.

Potentially the best frog lure”

I love their humility about it.  In an industry where everything claims to “change the game” and “revolutionize” the fishing world, it’s nice to see a company go light on the hyperbole when they release a new product.

When you make a good product, you don’t need to toot your own horn as much.  So… hey Jackall… hand me the horn.  I’m about to blow it till my face turns blue.

I’ve been fishing the Iobee for the last several weeks now.  I want to lay this “potential” talk to rest.  This IS the best frog!

Why do I say this?  Because it’s true.  The Jackall Iobee (pronounced ”eye-obee”) is quite possibly most expertly designed frog ever sold.  I’ve fished every single frog to ever hit the market except for Strike King’s “KVD Frog”, and hands down, this Iobee whips the skirt strands of every other.

Let me count the ways.  There are 12 of them.  Five of them now and the rest in Part 2. Here goes…

1. Hookups through the roof

My hookups have gone up big time compared to what I’ve experienced with other frogs.  I’m talking hand-down-mouth unhooking.  Forget about “bass thumb”… I’m getting “bass hand” now.  Sure, bass tend to inhale frog baits in general, but where I was up to my knuckles unhooking bass with other frogs, I’m down to the wrist with the Jackall Iobee. 

The only fish I seem to miss are the fish that strike off target and miss the frog completely, e.g. heavy matted vegetation scenarios. 

Bass EAT these frogs.  I mean, just look at some of these pictures…

I can barely even see the frog!!

2. Casts farther

Insanely far, actually.  If you’ve ever wanted to cast to a blow up hole that’s just a little bit out of your reach, you’ll appreciate this attribute.  The aerodynamics of the body and perfect weight distribution make this possible.  Using Sunline FX2 braid doesn’t hurt either.

One thing I like to do, in clear water especially, is to cast my frog on the bank and crawl it into the water for ultimate no-spook-’em stealth.  If you’re fishing a lake with light vegetation and clear water, you’ll want to stay back when you do this.  Being able to cast farther with minimum effort is a real asset here.

It’s not really about casting 150ft every time, it’s about using less effort to cast the distance required.  As it is, frog fishing can wear you out because the gear is so stout and you’re constantly moving the rod to impart the desired action. So, the less effort required to cast, the better.

3.  Vivid, life-like colors

While other frog manufacturers are worried about making 27 varieties of gaudy, Jackall focused on making six really good colors.  For situations where I need life-like realism, I rely on “Bluegill” or “Brown”.

Bluegill color

Brown color… As you can see, “brown” is an understatement.

The color names just don’t do them justice — especially these two colors.  They enliven with vivacity upon every twitch… flashing, rolling, and reflecting sparkles and contrasting colors.  No wonder the fish engulf this thing!

If I’m in clear water and I think the bass are feeding on bream or bluegill, it’s hard to beat these two colors.  They both have a pearly white strip down the belly that creates alternating flashes between the highly detailed sides when walked.  It drives fish wild.  Heck, it drives me wild.  I’ve got one in my mouth right now… seriously!!  I’m sick with all this.

Notice the pearl white strip down the belly. I believe this contrasting strip is what really lights ‘em up when you start walking the frog. It might as well be the Krispy Kreme “HOT NOW” sign. It’s a visual dinner bell.

4.  Custom fangs

Jackall did it the right way.  No reverse engineering.  Instead of using a pre-existing hook and compromising the body to fit around that, they designed the optimal body first and made sure the hooks fit it accordingly. As a result, there’s no need to bend or replace these hooks.  Since the frog is so soft out of the package (no boiling required) the two fangs are exposed at the slightest pressure.  This frog is crazy weedless too… another benefit of custom hooks.

5.  Looks good from top and bottom

These frogs look just as good from the bottom as they do from the top.  Let’s face it… most frog colors are designed to hook the fisherman.  They add a lot of useless detail and color to the top of the frog just to say they added another color.  Turn those frogs over on their belly and there’s nothing special to see.

Take a good look at these ultra supple bodies.  Here are the views you won’t find on the tackle retail websites.  Most of the time you see pictures showing the top and sides, but hardly ever the bottom — perhaps the most important view.  Notice the lack of gaps, holes, unpainted lead, and seams.  100% slick.


Stay tuned for Part 2 where the list expands.

Fish Strong!

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Hale White, tournament angler and fitness enthusiast, is originally from the bass capital of Florida, holds a Masters degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and has an insatiable appetite for bass fishing.
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