Super Generic Bass Fishing Tips Article – Part 2

The following content is Part 2 of an article that is all about sharing bass fishing tips and dropping knowledge bombs for the benefit of the reader.  It has nothing to do with plugging or hawking product or convincing you to buy anything amde by any of Joe Pro’s sponsors or affiliates.

Be sure to read Part 1 first.

Jig Tips

Bass like to live near cover and structure. So, how does Joe Pro tackle this often imposing scenario?…

“I like to cast my signature Joe Pro “JP” Jig to the cover and structure because bass like to cover themselves with structure. Most bites come on the fall.”

What does Joe Pro flip his jig with?…  Let the knowledge bombs keep dropping.

“You should use a 7′ heavy action rod.  My signature “JP FlipStik” that I designed is perfect for this.”

“Of course, I spool up with MaxTuff line when flipping because it is ‘Tuff to the Max’”.

Joe Pro believes the heavy tackle helps him “wrench” the bass out of thick cover.  Who knew!!!

Rattles Tip

If the water is stained or murky, Joe Pro likes to use a rattle.

Rattles add sound.

“My signature JP Jig’s megaphone rattle calls ‘em in”, claims Joe Pro.  ”The fish can’t help themselves.”

Just when we thought that Joe Pro was all tapped out of pro level insider fishing tips, we were able to extract a few more of his trade secrets!

The megaphone rattle on the JP Jig calls 'em in!

Match the Hatch Tip

“Match the hatch”, says Pro.  When you do this, the hatch is matched.

For example, if you think bass are eating bluegill, you might want to throw Joe Pro’s new P-Stick soft stickbait in the bluegill color.

“Remember to throw it near cover and structure”, says Pro.  ”Bass live there.”

Bumping Crankbait Tip

“I like to crash my crankbaits into stumps and rocks”, says Pro.  ”It deflects when you bump it, stimulating a reaction bite when it ‘hunts’.”

Joe Pro prefers a Strike Queen square bill crankbait in “Sexx-E-Shad” color for this approach, since these are the only crankbaits that ‘hunt’ when you reel them in.

“These new Strike Queen crankbaits are the best I’ve ever seen.  They really know how to hunt”, boasts Joe Pro. “Hunt”.

Joe Pro designed the crankbait and his signature is printed on the packaging, so you can rest assured that it’s the best and that it “hunts”.

“The only thing more effective is dynamite”, says Joe Pro. “I wouldn’t put my name on it if I didn’t think it was the best on the market… and it hunts”.

Hook Tip

“I like to upgrade the hooks on my square bill.”

Even though the Strike Queen square bill is “the best” on the market, the hooks aren’t good enough for Joe Pro to use, so he replaces them with Ultra Penetrator Xtra Round Laser Point trebles.

“These Ultra Penetrators have five knife-like cutting edges that surgically penetrate the bass’ jaw with the precision of a major brain operation.  They also have an impact activated pneumatic point that ‘jabs’ out and spears through the bass’ flesh when it senses pressure.”

“These hooks are also capable of spinning at 10,000RPM.  I’m going to unveil these at ICAST so the general public can fish like me.”



That’s enough knowledge bombs for one day.

As it is, most fishermen will already fry their brain trying to comprehend these genuinely awesome secret pro tips.  Their originality and novelty is mind boggling.

“Downsize for more bites… [insert plug]“

“Use fluorocarbon because it’s ‘invisible’… [insert plug]“

“Use a stiff  rod when flipping… [insert plug]…”

There are literally thousands of generic pro bass tips articles just like this one that amount to little more than sponsor-driven advertorials.  Sometimes I feel like I’m reading the same articles over and over again… similar to Groundhog Day.  It’s just rehashed, recycled, two-bit, sponsor-dictated content.

Here’s the formula…

1) Give out lame recycled tip.  2) Conveniently plug sponsor’s product.  3) Say it’s the best in the world

It’s the print equivalent of an infomercial.  The titles and magazine covers promise nuggets of juicy pro level wisdom. In reality, the publishers are only snaring readers into reading a poorly cloaked sales pitch for the primary purpose of fulfilling sponsor-related obligations. Where’s the sincerity?

It’s messed up.  Don’t question it, though.  This is the bass fishing media formula.  Just keep reading it.

Using this cookie cutter strategy, we will energize the future generations of the sport. Nobody will ever catch on. Bass fishing fans will forever be happy with dumbed down subject matter and generic B.S. tips that are really used as segue ways into not-so-subtle sales pitches.

Now listen, I’m not against sponsors and what they do.  It’s just getting a little out of hand. The quality of the information is being sacrificed because everything is revolved around pushing the sponsor’s product.

Content is being reverse engineered for the sake of hawking product.  A certain genuineness is often lacking these days.  You don’t want to feel like you’re constantly reading advertisements… do you?

Fish Strong!

About Hale White

Hale White, tournament angler and fitness enthusiast, is originally from the bass capital of Florida, holds a Masters degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and has an insatiable appetite for bass fishing.
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