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6 Supplements to Enhance Your Bassin’ Brain

Leave your pathetic “Monster” drinks and little flying red bull cans at home.  I’m about to reveal what no other fishing website or publication will tell you. Spending time on the water is good and makes you a better fisherman. … Continue reading

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ThinkStrong | Fishing with Your Head!

What separates an actual fisherman from a guy who merely goes fishing?… The ability to apply critical thinking on the fly… to abandon the textbook… what’s “supposed” to work… to break rules… to ignore dogma… to challenge conventional thinking with … Continue reading

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Keep your wheels turning, but in a productive way.

ThinkStrong | Save Your Brain Power

Some things need to be instinctive.  They should require no calculation or cerebral investment.  You should be wary of anything that could threaten the automation of your routine. Why?… It requires more thinking. I’m not knocking “thinking”, I’m just advocating … Continue reading

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Rewarding Your “Pleasure Center” – Pt. 2

“It’s like a drug.” That’s what Davy Hite said after winning the 2011 Alabama Charge. He’s not kidding. It really is like a drug.  It’s really no different than cocaine in the way that it stimulates our “pleasure center”… the “highs” … Continue reading

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