ThinkStrong | An Introduction

FishStrong believes that harnessing the power of the mind is key to becoming a stronger angler. This is why we’re introducing a new ongoing series called ThinkStrong.

Sometimes your own worst enemy is you… or rather that organ housed within your cranium. This enemy can defeat you before you ever hit the water. All the time on the water and physical preparation doesn’t amount to much if you don’t have your mental game together.

Most respectable sports psychologist say that the mental aspect accounts for at least 50% of success… some have said up to 75%! It’s why an increasing number of athletes are working with sports psychologists… they need help with the non-physical side of the sport.

Like any other sport, there’s plenty of natural ability among your competitors. You’re not the only one who can cast, pitch, punch, walk a spook, flip a jig, etc…  A lot of your edge is going to come from up top…  how you handle adversity… how you bounce back… how you maintain focus…

You’ve got to be able to cope with the emotions of the sport if you want to consistently succeed. This is evidenced in other sports too.

Take NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson for example… the most dominating athlete in the Sprint Cup.  Johnson is well known by his fellow competitors for exhibiting unwavering mental toughness.  He believes he can win every time he gets in the car. Even before the start of the event, he has won it in his mind.   It seems the more at stake, the more dangerous he is.

Hmmm… what seven-time AOY winner and Classic champ does this sound like? I’ve got a hint… He’s been known to say, “it’s all about the attitude.”

Stay tuned for future installments in the ThinkStrong series.


About Hale White

Hale White, tournament angler and fitness enthusiast, is originally from the bass capital of Florida, holds a Masters degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and has an insatiable appetite for bass fishing.
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