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Fish Strong Tackle

Most Popular Inshore Rod, Reel, & Line Combo Bundle

"This inshore combo has proven to be an excellent all-purpose inshore setup... ranks as the most popular choice for the under $300 overall price point."

Description of Most Popular Inshore Combo:

Are you looking for a great all-purpose spinning combo for catching redfish, seatrout, snook, and flounder that's ready to fish as soon as you get it?

This combo bundle contains the top rod, reel, and pre-spooled line that have outperformed the others of similar price points after years of testing.

Not only the top performer from our tests, but it's also strategically spooled for you so that you can save money on future re-spools because it comes with just enough mono backing for 150 yards of 10 lb braid to perfectly fill the spool.

This way, you will not waste any line nor have to do any math when getting 150 or 300 yard spools of braid when you need to replace it down the road.

Most importantly, the highest cost items (rod and reel) both have the feel of premium products while being a fraction of the cost... just $129.95 & $109.99 respectively if purchased individually at their full retail price.

These products all work extremely well together to the point where you'll feel a noticeable improvement of casting distance, effortless lure retrieve, and enhanced feel of strikes compared to similarly priced combos.

Here's a breakdown of the items along with how they earned their way into this ultimate combo offering:

Rod [$129.95]: This 7'6" TFO Professional PS Medium Power rod has a great blend of power and feel that will enable you to successfully present a wide variety of lures and baits to inshore saltwater fish as if you were using a much more expensive blank.

It has a short butt which is great for kayakers, but it's long enough to be comfortable for boaters too. Another great feature is its unique hook keeper design which allows for you to secure your lures while they are rigged weedless in addition to standard hooks.

After this rod enabled me (Luke Simonds - Cofounder of Salt Strong) to deliver a lure to a snook that was 3 stories down and a full cast away, I knew it was a special rod. TFO has made some upgrades to it since then, so it has continued to be at the top of our list for a great rod that's under $150.

Reel [$109.99]: The new Daiwa 23 Fuego LT 2500D-XH is the most impressive reel for under the $200 that we have tested. Its specs rival reels that are twice as expensive, and it has proven to be able to handle salt exposure extremely well for a reel under $200.

This super-light 6.9 oz reel packs a punch with 22lb of drag and a super smooth feel that Daiwa puts into its high-end reels.


  • Carbon Light Material Housing - LT Concept
  • 6 Bearing System
  • Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
  • Inches Per Turn: 34.5"
  • Weight = 6.9 oz
  • Drag Rating= 22 lbs.
  • Line Capacity = 250 yards of 10 lb. braid

Braid - Mainline [$21.99]: If you aren't using braid as your mainline on lightweight spinning tackle, you will be blown away with how much farther this casts and how much better you'll be able to feel strikes and get good hooksets.

This 10 lb Daiwa J-Braid 8 Grand line has proven to be a top tier option based on how it has performed in our knot strength and casting distance tests as well as years of on-the-water use. It currently holds our record highest recorded breaking point for a 10 lb braid with an impressive holding point over 26 lbs when using the FG knot.

Note: The line color that you'll receive on this combo is gray, and it looks great!

How Much $$ You'll Save:

Altogether this Bundle costs $261.93 for the Rod, Reel, and Line. But Insider Members get this bundle for ONLY $209.54!! Insiders: just make sure you're logged in and you'll see this discount already reflected. 

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Please note that we are unable to ship rods to a PO Box and to some areas in Puerto Rico as UPS does not allow. 

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