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Z-Man Kicker CrabZ

Awarded Best Saltwater Softplastic of ICAST 2022 and a first of its kind, the Z-Man Kicker CrabZ accurately imitates a sideways swimming crab—the exact action that's hotly pursued by redfish and other inshore predators.

The trailing-claw design is the spitting image of a blue crab scooting across the seafloor. Often times, Redfish and other crustacean-focused predators will inhale this lure & throw it straight back to their crushers! 

Versatility is the name of the game with this lure. Rigged on either a jig head or with a weighted weedless hook, the Kicker CrabZ is a must-have for all Inshore Gamefish. 


  • Buoyant 10X Tough ElaZtech Material
  • Realistic crab profile sports lifelike kicker claw, segmented legs, eyes & antennae
  • Angler-friendly design yields easy rigging (with hook slot/hook pocket)
  • Streamlined shape for max casting distance.
  • Keeled Belly enhances retrieve stability. 

We suggest using the Z-Man ChinlockZ SWS Weighted Hooks with these Kicker CrabZ for the best shallow water weedless presentation. If you'd like to fish these in deeper water scenarios, try the Hoss Football Jig Heads (Original) in various weight sizes.

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