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Dr. Juice

Dr. Juice® Saltwater Slam Exclusive Scent


Introducing the New Dr. Juice® Saltwater Slam Scents. Salt Strong has teamed up Dr. Juice to bring you a revolutionary new fish attractant. With a proprietary blend of both oil & water soluble ingredients, 
Dr. Juice® can more than triple your catch (according to the results of numerous charter boat captains, guides, and fishing scientists).

Only Dr. Juice® Scents contain Kairomones, a powerful pheromone employing the exact baitfish profile scent signatures that inshore gamefish can't resist. 

Dr. Juice® is the only fish scent that contains these powerful strike stimulants:

Sex Pheromones - Trigger aggressive behavior.

Fear Pheromones - From injured baitfish which attract and excite predator fish.

Schooling Pheromones - From baitfish which helps predator fish zero in on your bait.

Kairomones - Recent research has discovered a new powerful fish attractant, that predator fish crave!

Special Amino Acids and Fish Extracts - Targets the fishes’ olfactory organ to stimulate the strike.


  • SHAKE WELL before each use
  • Apply just a couple drops directly to your lure while it's dry, and spread solution around its surface
  • Re-apply every hour or two of using each lure

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