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Salt Strong Club Hoodie

The 7 highly-skilled scientists had come from some of the best schools in the country… MIT, Harvard, Caltech, and Georgia Tech.

They were sitting around a table covered in fabric somewhere in a top-secret lab in the middle of the Arizona desert.

And for the next 10 days, they had only one mission…

To create the softest, lightest, most breathable, highest sun protection performance fishing hoodie that man has ever seen.

It seems like an impossible feat, but these incredibly smart scientists worked around the clock... testing, improving, testing again, and putting each thread of material up to tests never before done on microfiber performance gear…

And then, on the 10th and final day, they hit pay dirt!

The scientist gathered around the table in complete silence…

There it was… a marvelous hoodie with precision engineering… they never believed it could be so soft…

You could see tears in a few of the scientist’s eyes as they knew this would revolutionize fishing hoodies forever.

They called it the Strong Angler Fishing Club Hoodie… and they gave the hoodie to Salt Strong to share it with the world.

Grab your hoodie today and see why this hoodie is absolutely the best out there.

Product Details

  • True-to-Size

We recommend ordering the same size as you would for a typical t-shirt.

  • Permanent Design. No Screen Printing!

We have taken the extra time and money to burn in all of the designs, logos, etc into the performance gear fabric instead of plastering on a layer of screen print like most fishing companies do. It’s called sublimation and it makes your shirt incredibly lightweight, it breathes better, it makes you feel cooler without having extra print/weight on your chest or back, and it ensures that your shirt’s design will NEVER crack, peel, or fall off like screen printed shirt eventually do.

  • Advanced Sun Protection

All of our Salt Strong performance fishing shirts have 50 UPF sun and solar protection, which keeps the sun’s harmful UV rays from penetrating your skin under the shirt. It’s one of the highest rated UPF performance shirts out on the market.

  • Sweat And Moisture Control

All of the Salt Strong performance fishing shirts are powered by PURE-tech moisture wicking technology, which wicks away sweat, saltwater, and any other moisture that hits the shirt, keeping you dry and cool while out on the water.

  • Stink Control

The super-lightweight microfibers in every Salt Strong performance fishing shirt have been antimicrobial treated to prevent the growth of bacteria, keeping you smelling strong and never smelling like a fish!

  • Tag-Free

All of the Salt Strong performance fishing shirts are tag-free labels so nothing is ever rubbing on your neck while catching a big one.   

  • Hoodie

This hoodie comes with a hoodie! It’s almost like a performance fishing shirt with a neck gaiter built in. Of course this will cover your head as well, not to mention it really helps cut down on the glare giving you even more visibility while out on the flats.

**Please note that we are happy to make size exchanges or returns only if the item has not been worn**
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