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Fish Strong Tackle

The 2.0 (The Original Slam Shady)

This lure is the Most Popular paddletail across the Salt Strong Insider Club because it catches fish throughout all seasons and is super easy to use.

The 2.0 profile is extremely versatile because it works great as it comes in the 3.5" swimbait form. But it also generates strikes with its tail pulled off ("Nub" style) when in need of mimicking a smaller baitfish.

So with 1 lure, you can use it when fish are feeding on baitfish ranging from 2 inches to 3.5 inches... which is most of the time for most inshore fisheries.

On top of mimicking a wide range of baitfish sizes, it also rigs easily with a wide assorment of weighted hooks and jigheads so you can cover a wide range of depths.

Construction & Pairing Info:

  • Made in the USA
  • Length = 3.5 inches
  • Weight = 0.14 ounces
  • Easy to rig (both jigheads and weighted hooks)
  • Has proven to work in all water clarities and tints
  • Pairs perfectly with Hoss Helix Weighted Hooks & Round Eye Jigheads
  • Loaded With Special Fish Scent For Extra Strikes
  • Super-Fast Action Tail
  • Available in both Regular Pack (7 Lures) or Bulk Bag (100+ Lures)! 

Note: Here's what we like best for rigging these paddletails:


- Ideal weighted hooks for fishing the shallows (2 ft or less): Hoss Helix (3/0)

- Ideal for fishing water that is more than 2 ft deep: Round Eye Jigheads (2/0)


Click Here to Learn How To Rig this Lure based on Depth 


We have tested this lure in various regions with different water clarities, and it has proven to get great results. So we stand behind its performance. If you somehow don't think this lure is a great addition to your arsenal, then just let us know that you'd like a refund and we'll process it (max refund of 1 pack refund per customer).

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