Thank you for your purchase of the Custom Salt Strong Bull Bay Rod. Please read our Warranty Program in detail and follow these instructions carefully:

What our warranty DOES cover:

  • Manufacturing Defects with the Blank or Componentry Defects

We are always happy to answer questions about why a Salt Strong Bull Bay Custom Rod might break. With respect to all fishing rods and to help educate anglers on some of the reasons why a fishing rod breaks, please refer to Tom Kirkman’s RodMaker Magazine article entitled “Rod Failure” here:


What our warranty DOES NOT cover: 

  • Modified, neglected, improperly maintained, abused, or customer non-fishing related incidents (fans, car doors, garage doors, traveling damage, etc.). 

*The Salt Strong Bull Bay Custom Rod Warranty will only cover claims resulting from a defect in material, componentry or workmanship. Any damage to a rod caused by misuse or abuse, whether accidental or incidental, or tampering with the rod blank beyond intended application of the rod will not be covered. 

We understand that accidents can and still do happen, and rods can break from a variety of reasons. Whether a break occurs due to or unforeseen damages invisible to the naked eye, we as anglers understand that rods are not bulletproof. In the event that your Salt Strong Custom Rod breaks for any reason, we will provide you with the opportunity to Replace your broken rod with our NEW "Slot Machine" Custom Rod (100% designed & handcrafted here in the USA) for a replacement fee of $110 (plus shipping). 
*Please Note: This Replacement Offer is:

  • Only available to the original purchaser of the product
  • Only available for a Replacement within 1 year of purchase date of the Salt Strong Bull Bay Custom Rod

To begin the Warranty Process:

In order for a Salt Strong Bull Bay Custom Rod to be considered for warranty replacement, please contact us directly at 

Thank you for your support of Salt Strong!