Thank you for purchasing our awesome Fish Strong Slot Machine Custom Rod! This rod is covered by a Limited Warranty where Fish Strong will ensure that every rod will be free from manufacturing defects related to blank construction.

Every Slot Machine Rod was Handcrafted here in the USA and built with an emphasis on quality & performance. During this process, each rod undergoes a multi-step QC Inspection to ensure that they are free from manufacturing defects before becoming available to the customer.  

With respect to all fishing rods and to help educate anglers on some of the reasons why a fishing rod breaks, please refer to Tom Kirkman’s RodMaker Magazine article entitled “Rod Failure” here:

Truthfully, a rod breakage due to a manufacturing defect is extremely uncommon. Often times rods break because of accidental/incidental damages (sometimes unseen to the naked eye). Make sure you check out this video to learn how to properly care for high-end fishing rods (and what NOT to do): 

Top 3 Fishing Rod Mistakes To Avoid (How To Protect Your Gear) (

Although breakage from a legitimate manufacturing defect is rare, it can still happen. If you believe your rod broke due to a manufacturing defect, please contact us at with any questions/concerns.

If your rod was damaged/broken during shipment, Salt Strong will provide a replacement rod (minus shipping expenses) to the customer in a timely manner.


What our warranty DOES NOT cover: 

  • Modified, neglected, improperly maintained, abused, or customer non-fishing related incidents.
  • Examples of improper usage & use are as follows:
    • Creating a sharp 90° “bend” in the rod tip while fighting a fish, or storing/removing the hook from its hook keeper (i.e. “Hi-Stick” Breakage due to improper use).
    • Breakage as a result of prior impact damage before & during fishing (i.e. fans, car doors, truck beds, garage doors & other traveling-related damage).
    • Using lure and/or line ratings that are beyond the recommended specifications listed on rod.

The Slot Machine Custom Rod Limited Warranty will only cover claims made due to a defect in blank construction. Any damage to a rod caused by misuse, abuse, accidental/incidental damage or tampering with the rod blank beyond intended application of the rod will not be covered. 

But let’s face it: we understand that accidents will happen, and rods (and guides) can break! We as anglers understand that rods are not bulletproof. Regardless of the outcome, all damaged or broken rods still qualify for our Oh SNAP! Rod Replacement Program.

Insider Member Program:

  • A replacement fee of $60 plus shipping (for 1st Claim Only). Any repeat breakage claims afterwards will result in a replacement fee of $120 plus shipping.
  • This offer will remain active up to three (3) years from the date of purchase, and only extends to the original purchaser of the product.

Standard Program:

  • A replacement fee of $150 plus shipping. 
  • This offer is only available 1x to the original customer, and all claims must be made within one (1) year of the purchase date.

Please be aware that due to limited inventory, if we are unable to provide a replacement Slot Machine Custom Rod at the time of breakage, you will be added to our Waiting List and we will provide a replacement as soon as one becomes available.

To begin the Warranty Process:

  1. Capture several pictures of your broken/damaged Slot Machine Custom Rod. We suggest taking several pictures of the broken/damaged location as well as 1 full picture of the rod in its entirety.    
  2. Contact us directly at with a brief description of the issue & attach all requested images in the email.

Thank you for your support of Salt Strong!