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Daiwa BG MQ Series Spinning Reel

Daiwa is proud to introduce the next generation of BG spinning reels to saltwater anglers of all stripes, this time with a one-piece Monocoque aluminum body. Light and strong like a Formula One racing car, the reels are lighter and stronger through use of Monocoque body technology.  In terms of application, the reels are designed for everything from inshore to heavy offshore fishing with models like the BGMQ2500D-H perfect for speckled trout to models like the BGMQ20000 designed to withstand the pressures of fishing giant bluefin tuna.

With the Monocoque design, the reel body serves as a stiff and distortion-proof frame, which is handy and compact at the same time. If offers more rigidity, more stability, and bigger gears. The Water Resistance is superb and Monocoque body offers more power and torque as a result.

The reels also feature an all-aluminum frame and features Digigear technology. Compared to most of the competition, the gears are between 20% to 40% larger. The gears also feature a larger tooth pattern, giving the gears a much longer gear life and durability than competitive reels. Tests reveal a gear life that is one to three times the length of competitive reels. 


Based on Braided Line Capacity:

BGMQ2500D-H - [Gear Ratio 5.7:1, 6+1 Bearings, 22Lb Drag, Line Capacity 250Yd/10Lb, Recommended Line Sizes: 10 lbs to 15 lbs, Weight 8.3oz.]

BGMQ3000D-XH - [Gear Ratio 6.2:1, 6+1 Bearings, 22Lb Drag, Line Capacity 250YD/15lb, Recommended Line Sizes: 15 lbs to 20 lbs, Weight 9.3oz.]

BGMQ4000D-XH -[Gear Ratio 6.2:1, 6+1 Bearings, 26.4Lb Drag, Line Capacity 280YD/20lb, Recommended Line Sizes: 20 lbs to 30 lbs, Weight 10.1oz.]

BGMQ6000D-H - [Gear Ratio 5.7:1, 6+1 Bearings, 26.4Lb Drag, Line Capacity 320YD/30lb, Recommended Line Sizes: 30 lbs to 40 lbs, Weight 15.2oz.]

BGMQ10000D-H - [Gear Ratio 5.7:1, 6+1 Bearings, 33.1Lb Drag, Line Capacity 330YD/50lb, Recommended Line Sizes: 50 lbs to 65 lbs, Weight 22.4oz.]

Recommended Lines:

These reels can work great with braid as well as monofilament lines from all top manufacturers. We personally recommend using braid as the mainline on top of some mono backing to use to stick to the spool and to fill the base layer of the spool with mono so you can save money on the braid. 

We have tested a variety of lines over the years, and the 2 that seem to consistently score high for both breaking strength and casting distance are PowerPro & Daiwa's J-Braid 8 Grand.

For selecting the power rating to go with, it's best to go with a power that is in the recommended range for your reel of choice (range shown above in specs).

Click here to see how to spool the lines yourself.

For any Warranty Questions or Claims, please contact Daiwa US for more information: Warranty Claims – Daiwa US

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