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Fish Strong Tackle

F.R.E.D. The Jerk

Fred The Jerk:

  • Proprietary "F.R.E.D (Fooling Redfish Every Day)" Color (not available in stores)
  • Infused With REAL Shrimp & Baitfish (to attract even more strikes)
  • Imitates Both A Shrimp & An Injured Baitfish (looks amazing underwater)!
  • 5-Inch Jerk Shad (the perfect size lure to catch slot and over-slot inshore fish)
  • Rigs Weedless In Seconds!
  • 7 Lures per pack
  • Made in the USA

 If there is one thing a redfish can't resist, it's shrimp. That's why this F.R.E.D. shrimp-colored jerk shad has proven to be one of the top shallow-water lures in the country for fooling redfish into striking. 

Rigging Recommendations:

Hoss Helix Weighted HooksBoth sizes (3/0 & 4/0) can work for this lure, but the best all-around size is 3/0 in 1/8th oz in my option for fishing the shallows 1-3ft).

Zman Trout Eyez Jig Heads: We recommend having some 1/8th oz, 3/16th oz, and 1/4 oz on hand to cover the most common depth zones (2 ft to 10 ft).

Click Here to Learn How To Rig this Lure based on Depth

Note: If you want to get other colors of this jerk shad, click here to get the Jerk Shad Bundle which gets you a free pack.

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