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Cashion Rods

Cashion Element Inshore Spinning Rods

It's Finally Here!!! The Cashion Element Inshore is the Most Affordable American-made Inshore Fishing Rod on the Market. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Sanford, NC, it features a full cork rear grip, EVA foregrip, and a sleek matte blue finish over a CR4r raw Cashion blank that is hand-rolled in house. Cashion streamlined their efficiency without sacrificing quality, and is able to manufacture a high quality, truly American-made rod at the lowest price point in the market.

The old saying, “Quality Ain’t Cheap” remains true, but Cashion has built proprietary processes in fishing rod manufacturing in order to deliver a scientifically superior, American-made fishing rod. 


  • Most Affordable American-made Inshore Fishing Rod on the Market
  • Designed and manufactured in Sanford, NC
  • CR4r: American made Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg used to provide Improved Sensitivity & Durability, all packed into an extremely Lightweight Blank
  • AIB (Advanced Interface Bonding): Superior bonding of Carbon Fiber & Epoxy Matrix
  • 10" Full Cork Rear Grip with a Thinner Outer-Diameter (Slim & Lightweight)
  • EVA Foregrip for Comfort & Durability
  • Drop-Shot (Weedless) Style Hook Keeper
  • Stainless Steel Frame Guides with Ceramic Inserts (suitable for braided lines)
  • Matte Blue Finish

The Cashion Element Inshore comes in 4 different models, each being Best Suited for a variety of applications: 

  • eTrT7MLFs (7'0" Medium Light Power): Deemed as the "Trout Rod" for savvy anglers, this lighter-tipped yet very responsive rod is best suited for suspending hard baits such as MirrOlures, Rapala, Jig Head + Soft Plastic Combinations and even some Live Bait applications. 

  • eInS7MFs (7'0" Medium Power):  A fantastic "All Purpose" Rod; great for weedless soft plastics, topwater lures, the works. When in doubt, you can't go wrong with this length & power combination. 

  • eReD7MHFs (7'0" Medium Heavy Power): The Powerhouse of the Series. Best suited for 3-5" Soft Plastics (both weedless & on a jig head), larger Hardbaits/Topwaters, Popping Corks and Live Bait Applications. 

  • eInS76MFs (7'6" Medium Power): Same great performance as the 7'0" Medium Power, but the additional length lends itself to further casting distance. 

Shipping Details: 

There is a $30 flat rate shipping fee for any Cashion Element Inshore Rod purchased (up to 3 Rods can be purchased within the same order). Any Rod can be combined with another Rod Brand as well (TFO, St. Croix, etc.). If more than 3 Rods are ordered, there will be an additional $30 flat rate shipping fee to accommodate an additional shipment. 

Cashion Rods Warranty Program:

After purchase, please register your Rod here: Register Your Cashion Rods – Cashion Rods

More information about Cashion's Rod Replacement Program can be found here: Rod Replacement Program – Cashion Rods

Please note that we are unable to ship rods to a PO Box and to some areas in Puerto Rico as UPS does not allow. 

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