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Fitzgerald Fishing

Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Saltwater Series Spinning Rods

The Aqua Dream Saltwater Series Rods by Fitzgerald Fishing was designed by renowned inshore specialist Mike Hakala, owner of Aqua Dream Lures. 

Each rod comes equipped with premium saltwater grade Microwave Guides strategically placed to maximize the action and performance of that particular rod. The Microwave Guide System is a unique design; these guides have been known to help improve casting distance with minimal inertia required. Eliminating the need for a strong/aggressive cast allows the angler to focus more on accuracy rather than distance. 

In addition to providing increased casting distance and accuracy, these Microwave Guides include braid-proof & tangle-free American Tackle Duralite HD ceramic ring inserts, offering incredible durability and weight reduction. 

The Aqua Dream Saltwater Series is an exceptional line of rods that will help improve casting distance and accuracy, all while remaining lightweight and easy to fish all day long. 

Rod Specifications: 

  • Length: 7'2" or 7'6" Spinning
  • Power/Action: Medium Power/Moderate Fast Action
  • Line Rating: 6-12lb. 
  • Lure Rating: 1/4oz-5/8oz

Additional Information: 

After testing these rods against several other products on the market, we believe these Aqua Dream Saltwater Series to be an excellent option for Finesse Applications. We recommend this rod as being a great tool for those fishing very small/light lures such as a Spoons, "NED Rigs" or 2.5"---4" Soft Plastics paired with light jig heads (1/16oz---1/4oz).

These rods will also excel at fishing a Hard Suspending Twitchbait, such as a wide variety of MirrOlures, Paul Brown Lures, Rapala Lures and more. Having a "softer tip" to your rod will allow these types of lures to perform at their Best. Additionally, the parabolic bend in these rods will help ensure a more secure connection when hooked up to aggressive Gator Trout (preventing them from throwing the lure during a head shake). 

If you're looking for a rod that can effectively & accurately present a variety of Finesse Style Lures, the Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Saltwater Series is a fantastic option. 

Shipping Details: 

There is a $30 flat rate shipping fee for any Fitzgerald Aqua Dream Rod purchased (up to 3 Rods can be purchased within the same order). Any Rod can be combination with another Rod Brand as well (TFO, St. Croix, etc.). If more than 3 Rods are ordered, there will be an additional $30 flat rate shipping fee to accommodate an additional shipment.  Please note that we are unable to ship rods to a PO Box and to some areas in Puerto Rico as UPS does not allow. 

Warranty Information: 

Fitzgerald Rods include a Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers the rod against Manufacturing Defects. For more information, please visit the Fitzgerald Rods Warranty Page on their website included here: Limited Lifetime Warranty - Fitzgerald Rods

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