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Fish Strong Tackle


The F.R.E.D. (Fooling Redfish Every Day) Scented Paddletail Lure - NOW Available in 5" BOMBER Size!!

The F.R.E.D.  pink paddletail lure was designed with the perfect amount of silver flakes to fool even the biggest redfish to slurp it down like a shrimp. In clear water situations this proprietary F.R.E.D color has proven to be deadly!

"Used this lure on last 2 Redfishing trips. Fish love it. Caught limits of 5 fish on each trip." ~ Dirk A.

And now we're SUPER stoked to make the F.R.E.D available in our large BOMBER 5" profile!

The BOMBER profile is our go-to profile in late summer or early fall, as well as ultra-windy days. Anytime you see larger bait around you, you should be throwing a BOMBER!

Plus, you can cast this 5-inch bad boy a country mile! While your friends are struggling to reach the prime feeding zones, you'll be bombing over them and watching their mouth's drop while you hook into a bull red while they catch catfish.

F.R.E.D. Bomber:

  • Special 5-inch aerodynamic body made to BOMB the lure into the feeding zone.
  • Proprietary "F.R.E.D (Fooling Redfish Every Day)" Color (not available in stores)
  • One of the best skipping paddletail lures on the market
  • Easy to rig with jig heads and weighted hooks (plus rigs weedless in seconds)
  • Proven to work in all water clarities and tints
  • Pairs perfectly with Owner TwistLock Weighted Hooks & Z-Man Trout Eye Jighead
  • Super-Fast Action Tail
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight = 0.46 ounces each

Recommended Rigging:

See rigging depth chart guide for help matching the right rigging items for each depth range.


We have tested this lure in various regions with different water clarities, and it has proven to get great results. So we stand behind its performance. If you somehow don't think this lure is a great addition to your arsenal, then just let us know that you'd like a refund and we'll process it (max refund of 1 pack refund per customer).

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