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Pure Fishing

Savage Gear 3D Crab

Made from a super-durable Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) material, the Savage Gear TPE 3D Crab delivers a dead-on crab imitation that stands up to the most aggressive inshore species. Ready to fish right out of the package, the Savage Gear TPE 3D Crab comes pre-rigged with a textured stand up jig head that gives it a lifelike scurrying action along the bottom.

Featuring air-filled claws, the Savage Gear TPE 3D Crab provides s a defensive posturing that hungry tarpon, reds, and rockfish will readily inhale. Offered in some of the most realistic crab patterns you will ever see, the Savage Gear TPE 3D Crab combines Savage Gear’s innovative 3D scanning technology and ultra-tough TPE construction give inshore anglers the closest thing to real crab, besides real crab.

  • Size: 1" Length
  • Weight: 1/4 oz
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