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Fish Strong Tackle

The Mulligan

“Catch the fish that most anglers can’t reach… an extra shot at the fish with every cast”

Science Behind This Lure Design

126 years ago on a cold day in Scotland, Peter G. Fernie was electrified with excitement as he stood behind his workbench staring at the round white ball with dimples…  

Based on Peter’s engineering background, he was certain these small indentions would give a golfer more distance per drive, but he had no idea this early invention would revolutionize the game of golf forever… giving golfers around the world more distance than they ever imagined possible.

It was a few years later in 1905, when English engineer William Taylor, co-founder of the Taylor-Hobson company, would patent the revolutionary dimple design - quickly making golf balls without dimples extinct…

Why were dimples on the golf ball so important?

It all boils down to aerodynamics… the dimples gave the ball such an aerodynamic advantage that it could go 100% farther than the original flat-surfaced golf balls without dimples! That means a good golfer could take their drive from 150 yards all the way to 300 yards due to dimples.

One day in October 2021, Salt Strong co-founder Luke Simonds pitched an idea for adding golf ball-like dimples to a new lure he was designing with a hunch that the dimples would give the lure some added performance while looking like fish scales too.

But the other co-founder, Joe Simonds, started doing some research and found the astounding facts about how game-changing dimples provided to be for golf balls.

Our very first prototype lure with dimples proved to be a fish catching machine, and the rest is history.

Here are just a few reasons The Mulligan will quickly become your go-to 4” paddletail lures:

  • The longest casting 4” paddletail lure on the market. You’ll be reaching the fish your friends can’t hit! Try it out yourself.
  • The dimples give this lure some crazy skipping action! Rigged on a weedless hook or jighead, you’ll be skipping this lure in areas you’ve never been able to reach before.
  • The dimples hold scent better than a flat surface. 
  • Speaking of scent, each lure comes with a little scent already on it. But try a little Dr. Juice Saltwater Slam scent on here for even more strikes.
  • The dimples double as scales underwater - making this lure look like a real bait fish!
  • Perfectly engineered tail to give this lure the right amount of vibration while making it irresistible to fish on the drop
  • 7 lures per pack
  • Take “The Mulligan” challenge today to see just how much farther it casts than any other 4-inch paddletail

Mulligan Lure Specs:

  • Made in the USA
  • Length = 4 inches
  • Weight = 0.25 ounces
  • Dimples allow for longer casts and look like scales
  • Easy to rig (jig heads and weighted hooks)
  • Pairs perfectly with Hoss Helix weighted hooks & Round Eye Jigheads
  • Loaded With Special Fish Scent For Extra Strikes
  • Super-Fast Action Tail
  • Available in both Regular Pack (7 Lures) or Bulk Bag (100+ Lures)! 

Note: Here's what we like best for rigging these paddletails:


- Shallows (2.5 ft or less): Hoss Helix 3/0 hooks

- More than 2.5 ft deep: Hoss Football Jigheads - 3/0 & 4/0 sized hooks

Click Here to Learn How To Rig this Lure based on Depth 


After years of testing out all different color patterns, there has been 1 that has consistently proven to be a top performer in the entire spectrum of water clarity and region...

And that color has been plain white.

The science behind this fact is that the white color takes on the tint of the water since the only color the fish can see is the tint of the water in between it and the lure.

The reason this is extremely helpful in catching fish is that the baitfish will naturally be trying to blend into the color of the water too... so the white lures automatically take on the right tint the predators are looking for.

The downfall of white is that it sometimes hides the lure too well given that it's blending in with the color of the water.

To fix this blending issue, we added in some flash to help ensure that the fish's eyes get drawn to it to maximize the number of strikes we can get.

But instead of just adding in either silver or gold flash (the two most popular and effective flash colors for years), we added them both to make sure it works when the fish are responding to both silver and gold.

And the initial testing of our exclusive Slam Shady color pattern has been extraordinary!

It has proven to outperform every color we've tested it against.

With this 1 color, you won't have to worry about changing to a different color because it works across the entire water clarity spectrum for both fresh and saltwater fisheries.


We have tested this lure in various regions with different water clarities, and it has proven to get great results. So we stand behind its performance. If you somehow don't think this lure is a great addition to your arsenal, then just let us know that you'd like a refund and we'll process it (max refund of 1 pack refund per customer).

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