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Fish Strong HB

The Unsinkable Fishing Hat

The Unsinkable Fishing Hat

The Backstory

After watching my favorite fishing hat fly off my head and tumble into the boat wake never to be seen again, I said to myself, "Why doesn't someone make a fishing hat that's impossible to sink.?

After getting home to do some research, the only two things I found were a dumb looking chin strap contraption for your hat and some styrofoam doohicky that looked like something my grandfather wouldn't even put on his head.

There's got to be a better way to have an unsinkable favorite fishing hat!

And now there is...

Coming in around 2 ounces, we finally created the lightest, fastest breathing, unsinkable fishing hat known to man.
Grab yours today while you can!

It comes in a sharp looking charcoal color and has a super-tough velcro strap to fit any head.

Product Details
Adjustable to fit any head

Featuring adjustable closures for all trucker hats except pink and charcoal. Pink and charcoal have velcro size adjusters.

"Light as a Feather"

This special hat only weighs around 2 ounces and you'll notice how light and amazing it feels the second you pick it up.


All boats float... but only a couple boats are unsinkable... same with hats. Many hats will float (for a while), but only this has actually keeps coming up the surface... completely unsinkable.

Try it out today.

Limit 4 Hats Per Insider Member
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